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So anyway, I was thinking about this earlier, and if I were going to pitch the first episode of Glee Season 5, taking into account the leaked info about the season plan and all, this is what I would do.

I would set the whole episode, or very nearly all of it, in NYC. No, seriously...Collapse )
...but I really can't wait to see how they do the line division on 'Bring Him Home' in 4.13 (speaking of which: we get two solo versions, and no 'duet' version. Oh, the relief!). I have my own theories about how it will go, and I really hope I"ve guessed right.Collapse )
18 January 2013 @ 03:58 pm
...the yellow-hatted troll king of Glee fandom has been tweeting again, so can we talk about this pic for a bit please? Cutting for spoilers and spec talk.Collapse )

And that's my two many cents' worth. :) So there. Totally not at home to negativity right now...
So anyway, I’ve spent a fair while lately noodling around stuff about ‘Bring Him Home’ and the intersection of song and plot development in my head, and not being able to quite get it into words, and I don’t know if this will actually make sense to anyone - even me - but here goes. Read more...Collapse )
28 December 2012 @ 11:45 am
This photo? Read more...Collapse )
26 December 2012 @ 11:32 pm
Oh, my. Oh my goodness...Collapse )

Or in other words - indes_elfwine, SQUEEEEEEEEE!

Also, am I the only person out there who really wants Kurt Hummel to sing Queen's 'a Kind of Magic' at some point this season? Maybe 4.13 if we're lucky?
...reposted from Tumblr, written to get stuff out of my head and probably of no interest to anyone but me, and definitely not to anyone who adores Rachel, so if you fit that description, please don't read.

Okay, so based on what we now know about Glee 4.09 ‘Swan Song’, from casting calls, episode descriptions, Brazilian ninjas, location shooting and the call sheet, if I were writing it – at least the New York part – this is what I’d do (or in other words this is what I really, really want the show to do, so please come through, show. Please?

Anyway...Collapse )
So I wrote this late last night on tumblr and forgot to link it here for those not trapped by the dreaded timesink. :) Reposting in full now. Read more...Collapse )
15 November 2012 @ 12:18 pm
So the Brazilian ninjas have given a loose dot-point summary of key details in 4.06. Under the cut for spoilers - better late than never I guess...Collapse )

...yeah, don't read this one if you're a Rachel fan, I think.