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20 September 2013 @ 03:33 pm
I have finally found the thing that will let me get invested in the Klaine story in 'Love, Love, Love'. Look at this amazing set of images captured by eselene on Tumblr...

Just look. :)

LLL_Kurt_1 LLL_Kurt_2 LLL_Kurt_3

LLL_Kurt_4 LLL_Kurt_5 LLL_Kurt_6

Look at his face, his body language, how different his understanding of this whole concept is from Blaine's. That, that different perspective, that insight into Kurt's understanding and guardedness...that's what I've been needing all along, when all I was getting was Blaine's teenage overload.

Also: holy frak, beautiful. And that suit, and the brooch with lilies on it (lilies are funeral flowers...). And the photos of Burt in this scene that came out at the same time...


I care about this in more than just a 'send it away' way now.
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