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18 January 2013 @ 03:58 pm
...the yellow-hatted troll king of Glee fandom has been tweeting again, so can we talk about this pic for a bit please?

Come What May

Because I love it. I love the shot composition and I love the colours and I love all of it. The fact that Kurt is wearing a bow-tie with a tiny little chain linking across the centre knot (enlarge the photo and you'll see it clearly). The fact that Kurt seems to be wearing a cummerbund that matches Blaine's shirtfront/waistcoat, even though they're not wearing the same suit by any means. The way Kurt's about a beat away from a full-blown judgey face. The fact that the tie combination is the same as 'Prom Queen' and the reverse of the Scandals scene in 'The First Time'.

The fact that it exists at all, to be honest!

And putting this together with the spoilers we've had to date, from Murphy and from the Brazilian ninjas, this is my spec for the next 4 episodes Klainewise.

4.11 ('Sadie Hawkins'): Kurt encounters the Apples and Adam as he looks for a place to feel at home with NYADA. He asks Adam out on a date, but either Adam says no or the date is pleasant but doesn't go anywhere, and between 4.11 and 4.13 Kurt and Adam fall toward friendship; Blaine deals with the various consequences of Tina's manoeuvrings re the Sadie Hawkins dance, Sam's pursuit of possible cheating by the Warblers, and his own minor crush, and confronts his past demons, but ends up being dapper and gentlemanly and polite to Tina at the dance, and thus does not help Tina get over that crush. At the end of 4.11, Rachel asks Brody to move into the loft, without consulting Kurt first.

4.12 ('Naked'): Brody being in the loft all the time is getting on Kurt's last nerve ('Thanksgiving' left me with the impression that Kurt does not like Brody very much); Kurt outsources Rachel-wrangling duties to Santana and Quinn (Mercedes being unable to make it) over the topless scene/whatever arsehattery Brody's been up to this time/both, and spends at least a little time dealing with an issue of metaphorical nakedness on his own. Blaine deals with another surprise-whump in the form of Sam's topless calendar fundraising plan, confronting more of his issues in the process; Tina's crush continues and Blaine continues oblivious. At some point Kurt and Blaine talk via Skype or phone.

4.13 ('DIVA'): The aftermath of Kurt's surprise audition at the Winter Showcase and his success at NYADA are causing problems in Kurt and Rachel's relationship, and Brody fosters them by setting up the diva-off with the intent of squashing Kurt and boosting Rachel (who is after all his power-base). Kurt, with support from Adam, chooses 'Bring Him Home' and maps it over his family situation, and wins the diva-off fairly despite Brody's shenanigans. Blaine competes for a Regionals lead against Tina, Brittany and Unique; it may come down to a showdown between him and Tina, or their solos may be for other reasons - such as him getting his NYADA audition letter. Tina's crush explodes, publicly, into anger right in Blaine's face and leaves him to face the whole problem he has with saying no - but at least the crush situation is resolved. Kurt and Blaine continue to talk to each other. At the end of the episode, Santana ends up at the loft door asking for a couch to crash on. As revenge for the Brody situation, Kurt invites her to stay without consulting Rachel.

4.14 ('I Do'): Either at the start of this episode after wedding invitations arrive, or sometime in the preceding episodesw, Kurt discusses his feelings for Blaine with Adam; this leads to him asking Blaine to be his date for the wedding, so they can sort the whole thing out. There are nerves, but there is also resolve. They meet up at the wedding and sing for Emma, ande it is sweet-and-involves-feelings. They decide to sit down and talk this out, and end up making out in the back seat of Blaine's car while those perennial eedjits Finchel do something epically stupid elsewhere, involving either a drunken wedding or a split condom. The makeout may complicate matters or it may clarify them, but whatever it does, it happens (and involves the above tuxes).

And at some point in a future episode, in a way that links back to the scene photographed above, Kurt and Blaine sing 'Come What May', and mean it.

No, they're not singing it in 4.14, no matter what caption Ryan Murphy gave the still - the Brazilian ninjas broke cover briefly to confirm it. But remember when he tweeted that still of Blaine titled 'Teenage Dream'? The still was from 4.07. The song was in 4.04. The still was, however, directly relevant to the song. I think the same deal is going on here.

And that's my two many cents' worth. :) So there. Totally not at home to negativity right now...
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