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There was a segment on 7:30 last night in response to Obama starting work on gun law reform in the US. It involved an interview with someone - I can't remember his name - on the pro-gun side of the argument. Toward the end of the interview he told a story 'proving' that widespread gun ownership prevents crime because one man shot two people in a shopping centre and then killed himself when he saw another civilian approaching with a gun.

This situation the interviewee described in an offhanded tone as 'Problem solved'.

I have never seen Leigh Sales look (or sound) so disgusted in my life. I have never wanted to throw up and simulatneously throw heavy objects through the TV screen at the person on it in my life, either. But I did neither. Instead, now, I will borrow a thought from Fiorinda and Gwyneth Jones, and say: A murderer killed means nothing. It says the cycle just goes on. A murderer in jail says the cycle stops here.

Guns are not the solution to violent crime. And a human life lost is never 'problem solved'.
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